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What is Sitting Disease and Can Office Furniture Help?

Unless you have a career as a professional athlete or you’re constantly out running errands for your boss, the chances are that your job requires you to spend the majority of your day seated at a desk. While it may be necessary to do so in order to accomplish all of the tasks that you need to, the fact remains that staying seated all day long has been linked to some troubling statistics. “Sitting disease” is the term that has been given the consequences of a largely sedentary lifestyle, including a shorter life expectancy and increased risk of certain cancers. So how can a desk worker combat sitting disease and stay healthy? It can be done, with a little help from your office furniture.

Standing DeskStanding Desks: The Next Big Office Furniture Trend

Standing desks are something of a revolution in the interior design world, and they are fast gaining popularity and widespread use. A standing desk does exactly what it sounds like it does: it allows workers to stand at their desk rather than sit while still going about their daily duties. There are many benefits to working at a standing desk rather than a traditional sitting one; for one thing, standing as an activity burns far more calories than sitting does, which is better for weight loss or weight maintenance goals. Standing also improves blood flow and circulation, keeps you more alert, and does not put pressure on your spine or joints in a way that can cause chronic pain. Overall, the standing desk gets a standing ovation from office workers who have tried it and seen the impressive results!

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