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Can Your Office Design Make Workers More Creative?

There are plenty of businesses out there known for their out-of-the-box approach to interior office design. Perhaps the most famous among them is Google- the “Googleplex” features impressive, if impractical, amenities such as a bowling alley, tennis courts, and massage rooms. All of this is geared towards creating an environment in which its workers feel they can be their most creative. But you don’t have to have Google’s budget, or extreme ideas, to create a similar experience for the employees in your own office. Read on to find out what kinds of office designs are most conducive to employee creativity.

Creative Spaces Equal Creative Workers


One of the best ways to ensure employee creativity through interior design is by establishing a true sense of community. If everyone is isolated and restricted in their own individual space, this can hamper their creative impulses, if not simply their motivation! An open-concept office encourages discussion, collaboration, and yes, creativity amongst workers.

Take note of which areas in the office are the most frequently visited by employees, and try to replicate that atmosphere throughout it as well. If everyone tends to migrate towards the section of couches when it comes time to discuss projects, why not introduce that kind of relaxed comfort to the entire office? When employees feel comfortable, they will be more willing to share their ideas and spark new innovations in the company.

Another way to stimulate employee creativity is by getting them out of the office for a while, at least metaphorically. The break room can become more than just the room with the coffee maker: Outfit it with furniture that has a more “homey” feel rather than corporate. Mimicking the attributes of a different kind of environment can create a space that feels separate from work for your employees, giving them a chance to rest those hardworking brains. The better rested they are, the better the chances they will be able to sustain a higher quality of creative work throughout the day!

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