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Interior Design and Stress: What Styles Soothe Workers?

Is there a high stress level in your office? Believe it or not, the interior design of your office may have to do with it. Just a few changes can make a huge difference and provide a much more soothing atmosphere for you and your employees. Take a look at these ideas and figure out how you can employ them in your own space:

  • Color. The color of the walls is very important. Colors provide expression and have the ability to affect one’s mood. Colors that are too intense can cause negativity or stress. In fact, a study conducted found that red increased stress responses among people, while greens and whites did not. To calm your space, consider paint colors such as blues, greens, and other “dusty” colors. Colors that are toned down will in turn tone down your office. However, don’t simply choose a few random calming colors and expect them to work together. It’s important to use a color scheme throughout the office. It makes the office look more together, professional, and calming.
  • Decrease the clutter. Don’t put too much on the walls, and maintain balanced levels. Don’t fill up the walls with hanging pictures or other items that cause clutter and confusion. By maintaining balanced levels, we mean to equally use the wall space, and leave white space on the wall. For example, place a low seating area at the front of your office and hang a picture over it. This creates a simple balance between two levels.
  • Wireless Workspaces. Wires everywhere can cause frustration, especially if they’re tangled wires. The sight of messy wires is the sight of disorder and can cause subconscious stress among employees. A clear workspace enables for calmer employees. If you can’t go wireless, invest in a few cheap wire clips to contain the wires and avoid the feeling of chaos.
  • Organizers. Use organizers on desks like penholders, stackable boxes to hold office supplies, and file pockets to organize folders. If everything has a place, it will allow for a much calmer workplace.
  • Add life. Put a few plants in your workspace to add some life. With an office filled with plastic, metal, and wires, the place needs a little something from the earth. Small desk plants or flowers can balance the space and add a little joy to your workday.

stress and interior designRedesigning your space can greatly reduce stress in the office, and a less stressful space means more efficient, happy workers. If you want to know more about interior design for your office, contact the professionals at American Design Associates.

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