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Creating a Conference Room: What NOT To Do

Designing the perfect office means more than simply picking out some desks and chairs and calling it a day. Every room in the office deserves attention, none more perhaps than the conference room. Your conference room design says a lot about your company, and as the site where you may have meetings with potential clients, it is vital that it makes a good first impression. To ensure this, follow American Design Associates’ advice on what NOT to do when designing your office conference room.

Conference Room Don'tsDesigning a Conference Room: The Major Don’ts

One thing to keep in mind when designing your conference room is the kind of events that will take place in it. Important business meetings, conference calls, job interviews: all of these are essential components of your company, and they are too important to jeopardize in any way. With that being said, make sure to avoid unnecessary distractions in the design of your conference area. Keep the color palette neutral, do not overcrowd the table with too many chairs, and don’t let the room become a storage space for old files and spare equipment. Think clean, simple, and distraction-free.

Another important aspect of your conference room design that you may overlook is the necessity for a “fuel station.” Clients may want refreshment during a long meeting, and so having a mini-fridge stocked with water bottles and/or a coffeemaker can be extremely useful. You should also have a stash of healthy snacks on hand, such as fruits and nuts, to offer the group. Don’t ignore your clients and employees’ basic needs- a little energy boost from a banana or cup of joe could be just the thing to boost creativity as well!

Keep these “don’ts” in mind when designing your conference room with help from American Design Associates.

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