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What are the Advantages of Cluster Workstations?

When it comes to interior office design today, everyone is looking for an alternative to the standard cubicles of the past. One such solution can be found in cluster workstations, an innovative approach to office layouts that can boost productivity, keep things organized, and allow for easy reconfiguration. Read on to discover more and see whether cluster workstations are the right pick for your office!

cluster workstation How is a Cluster Workstation Set Up?

 When you picture a cluster workstation, picture a bike wheel. The way the spokes all connect at a central point mimics the way a cluster workstation has several sections for individual workers revolving around a central point. The workers, in effect, end up facing the center of the workstation rather than the rest of the office, creating a “pod” effect. Workers involved with the same projects or departments can be situated together in a cluster workstation pod to keep communication lines open and the office as a whole organized.

 How Do Cluster Workstations Boost Productivity?

 A major advantage of a cluster workstation is that it helps keep workers on task. Unlike an open-concept office, clusters limit the amount of distractions that can disrupt workers’ activities and keeps them on track. Depending on the specific design for your cluster workstation, you could even have extra tools, such as white boards or bulletin boards, incorporated into the panels separating each section. These little details serve as yet another opportunity for your workers to make the most of their work area.

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