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Designing an Office Meeting Room

Big decisions are made in office meeting rooms, but sometimes we don’t treat that space with the respect it deserves.

Office design can seem overwhelming, and some business owners just want to completely avoid the process of designing a meeting room altogether. Office design isn’t just about looks, however, as functionality plays a major role in most modern office designs.

Keep the Office Meeting Room Organizedmeeting room

One mistake often found in office meeting rooms is too much furniture. If you have an office with 10 employees, it doesn’t make sense to have a meeting room with 50 chairs. People spread out, and you lose the intimate nature of your space. If you want to foster a more collaborate meeting room, your office design should encompass the bare necessities. Cut down on the clutter, and focus on an office design that utilizes space properly.

Provide Enough Space and Outlets

From projectors to cell phones, there are a lot of devices we have to utilize in the business world. Not only do you have to make sure that your office meeting room has enough outlets, but you also have to make sure the outlets are positioned to create accessible power connections. You may not have access to all the outlets that you need, but the key to a great office design is to maximize the space you do have. Make sure you focus on what is important and what will allow your employees to remain as productive as possible.

Creating Stylish Meeting Rooms

One way to really signify the importance of your meeting room is to give it a distinct color. This doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, but a meeting room with its own color can signify importance. Certain colors can be used to give your staff a boost of energy, or you could use certain colors to keep things calm. You can also add wall graphics and letter decals to your meeting room, such as a company slogan or an inspiring quote. Unique furniture is also another way to incorporate individual tastes into an office design.

Creating an ideal meeting room can be tricky, but the right design team can turn your visions into a reality!

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