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Finding the Right Office Signage

American Design AssociatesChoosing the right signage for your business is absolutely essential for creating a comforting atmosphere for your clients and staff. Think of a time you’ve been in a large office building with multiple floors and varying levels of organization. How thankful were you for those beautiful, clear signs that directed you from room to room in the seemingly endless maze? Or were the signs less than helpful? Did you find yourself worried, wandering, and wondering if you were going to get to your appointment on time? Think how all of that could have been avoided if that business has just invested in appropriate signs.  It seems obvious to some that good signs will improve the experiences of the people who need them, but some things are so obvious that they are forgotten. Make sure this isn’t one of those things.

What should I look for when choosing office signage?

Remember that a sign’s primary function is to direct. Signs should be clear and legible, so remember to avoid using colors and fonts that are difficult to read. Signs should also be visible to lost clients or employees who may find themselves lost in your large building, so invest in the correct sizes. It is also important to make sure that your signs are going to match the rest of your office design. From the moment your client walks into your building, they are assessing whether or not they made the right choice. From the chairs they may sit in to the signs they use to navigate, every element of your office design should be in harmony. This harmony of design will translate into a positive experience for everyone who experiences it.

What good signage says about your business:

Well-designed signage is going to tell clients and employees that your business is also well-designed. It’s going to tell your clients that you care about their experience and that you pay attention to details. In a way, your place of business is an addition to your resume. Make sure that you are showing the best of yourself and your business in every choice you make so that the hard work you do can really shine.

If you’re interested in investing in good signage you should contact American Design Associates Inc. to discuss a design plan that fits your budget and your business. You can contact them by phone, (410) 823-5500, or via their website:

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