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Office Furniture Rentals: Short or Long-Term?

Many businesses find that renting their office furniture is a great way to save money while still getting all of the items that they need. But figuring out the logistics of your office furniture rental can be a little bit tricky: What types of furniture will you need? Should you order more than you need in case of company expansion? And, most importantly, should you invest in a short-term or long-term rental? Read on to determine what kind of rental agreement you should select for your office furniture!

office-furniture-rentalHow Long Should My Office Furniture Rental Last?

There are many different factors that come into play when you are selecting a rental plan for your office furniture. Consider the following questions when making your decision?

1.)    How long is your lease on your office space? Your company may be in a semi-permanent location at the moment, or you may be just on the cusp of preparing to move to a different space altogether. If you are planning on moving in the near future, you want to ensure that your office furniture rental agreement does not exceed the lease on the property- otherwise you’ll have furnishings and no place to put them!

2.)    Are you planning on purchasing permanent furniture soon? Sometimes furniture rentals fill a temporary need while a company decides on what it wants its official design plan to be. A short-term rental is probably better suited to this situation, as it allows you more flexibility.

3.)    What is your company’s budget? Purchasing office furniture can be a major investment. If your company is not yet prepared to spend a large amount of money on brand new furniture, consider a long-term rental to save on funds.

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