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Office Design for Hot and Cold-Natured Employees


Subtle office designs can keep both your hot-natured and cold-natured employees comfortable!

One of the most common complaints in modern offices is the temperature. Some employees feel too hot while others are too cold. Temperature control in an office space can often lead to resentment and arguments. As a team leader, it is the best course of action to acknowledge these concerns and address them. One of the ways you can address these problems is through your office design. By implementing these design tips, you can help all of your employees feel comfortable at the office.

Air Vent Positioning

By checking the air vents around the office, you can get a better idea of how the design is affecting the comfort of your employees. Are the vents placed on the ceilings, walls, or floors? What direction are they sending air? Do an audit to gauge your employees’ comfort levels. This can lead to repositioning of desks and cubicles to better suit the needs of your employees.

Use Paneling to Redirect Air Flow

You can also implement paneling (normally used for soundproofing) on your ceilings and floor plan to help redirect air away from employees who feel too cold. This is an especially good move for office spaces where desks cannot be moved easily. Plus, they can be designed to fit the decor and style of the space as a whole!

Provide Comfort Accessories

Take a page out of the transcontinental airline playbook for this one. On long flights, attendants provide sleep masks, blankets, and other items to keep passengers cozy. Consider offering similar amenities to your employees. Although cold air has been shown to keep employees alert, leading to higher levels of productivity, some of your colleagues are going to need more than just a sweater to keep them comfortable. Making blankets and zip-up jackets available for your cold-natured employees is a kind gesture, as is allowing code-standard space heaters if needed.

Ready to Transform Your Office Design?

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