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Fall Office and Classroom Color Schemes

fall office color

Warm up your conference room with fall office colors.

As the new season sets in and Halloween fast approaches, you might want to consider updating your office or classroom with a fall appropriate color scheme. Keep in mind that we spend most of our waking hours working, so it’s important to tailor our environment to be as amenable as possible to our productivity, wellness, and overall comfort. Color has been shown to stimulate brain activity along with your furniture and office layout. Here are some beautiful fall season colors you may want to incorporate into your office or classroom.


Nothing is quite as quintessentially autumnal as burgundy. This luxurious color is both professional and timeless, and works especially well with office accessories. You can pair burgundy with blacks or browns to make it pop over more neutral tones. Alternatively, use it a streak of red over


Gold accents can make any office or classroom space feel a little bit warmer, which is a big deal when it starts to get cold. Studies show that gold and yellow undertones can actually boost energy levels and increase the state of wellbeing in the office. Pillows, seating, and accessories in high traffic areas are a good candidate for gold accenting.


Plum is another rich autumn color that goes well on accent walls and larger furniture pieces like couches and dividers. Make sure that you are using plum in an office or classroom space that already has a lot of natural and/or bright lighting, as too many dark tones will absorb light from your space.

Fall Orange

Not only is orange a remarkable fall color, but it’s perfect for designing the “office of tomorrow”. Orange is an incredibly high energy color that makes single focal points pop. Use it for reception desks, elevator doors, conference tables, or acoustic wall panels. Orange draws attention to itself and brights up the warm, so use it strategically in environments that need a little more warmth and energy.

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