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Office Design Trends that Will Draw Millennials In


Millennials are starting to enter the workforce – is your office designed with the future in mind?

Whether you’re thinking about an office design for a new office space or redesigning your current space, it’s very important to focus on tomorrow. Office design trends are changing to reflect new attitudes and values of the emerging millennial workforce. Because of the changing demographics and social norms, planning a new office is not as straightforward as it was even as recently as 15 years ago. What sort of things should you be thinking about as you design your office for a changing workforce?

Focusing in on Flexibility

According to a recent survey by a furniture manufacturer, nearly 80% of companies reported that new hires coming out of college are struggling to make the transition from college to the workplace. This is primarily because of the change from a more flexible collegiate atmosphere to the more structured corporate world. Alleviating this transition will make your younger employees more comfortable and increase their productivity. Offer these employees choices in the office for getting their work done, such as providing small collaborative spaces for small teams, open areas, and quiet spaces for solo working.


When you design an office for the future, you have to take into consideration how demographic changes will impact your workforce. You’ll get the most out of your future employees by designing an office that fosters inclusiveness and open-mindedness, instead of having them conform to your existing corporate atmosphere. At the same time, balance the needs of your future workforce with the needs of your current employees.

Embracing Active Design

Active design refers to a way of designing an office space that promotes walking and movement. This trend is becoming more common and is expected to have a significant impact on future workspaces. Embracing active design is a great way to draw millennials into your company and encourage productivity. Educating yourself on the needs of the next generation of workers is the key to designing your office space for the future.

Ready to Transform Your Office Design With Some New Furniture?

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