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Important Office Furniture Buying Considerations

office furniture

Choose office furniture that provides the best overall value.

The task of buying office furniture for your business is a huge responsibility, and can contribute significantly to your staff’s well-being and productivity. Buying the right office furniture involves a number of practical and aesthetic considerations, but employee comfort and safety should always be your number one priority. Here are a few key things to consider before buying new office furniture.

Assess Your Needs

Think about how furniture is going to be used. If you are only planning to lightly use an item (such as a guest chair) then perhaps anything will do. But if you’re looking for something for personal use cases, take more time to carefully consider your investment. Does this item need to be mobile and modular, or can it be stationary? It’s also worthwhile to consider what staff members dislike about your current setup, and use that feedback to assess future buying decisions.

Choose Timeless Over Trendy

While trendy furniture items are fun and interesting for awhile, furniture with simple, yet appealing design is more likely to hold up in terms of value over time. If you choose timeless furniture, it’s also easier to add complementary pieces as your business continues to grow, expand or rebrand in the future.

Pick the Right Materials

Consider the materials that are going into your furniture construction. If cleanliness is important to you, wipe-able vinyl might be a good choice for you. Vinyl is particularly great for break rooms and areas of the office where stains may be more prevalent. Leather remains the most popular choice of fabric for executive offices, conference rooms and guest areas. Mesh fabric, however, is excellent for task chairs as the mesh allows airflow to reach the skin and keep employees comfortable.

Price Doesn’t Necessitate Value

Everyone loves to feel like they received a good deal, but it’s important to evaluate furniture purchases upon their value and not simply their price. Consider cost of ownership and the expected life of the furniture piece. Some items may be designed to withstand significantly heavier wear than others, and cheaper doesn’t always mean more cost effective.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture

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