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Office Design Trends to Watch in 2017

2017 Office Design Trends

In 2017, we expect the movement for natural lighting in offices to trend up.

Happy new year from all of us here at American Design Associates! 2016 was a great year in the realm of office design and the development of office furniture. We saw a drive towards more solutions focused on the individual needs of employees and the principles of collaboration to help boost the overall productivity of the company. Which trends are we expecting to really take off in 2017?

Flexible Layouts

Today’s busy work environment, with technology always changing and adapting, requires an office space that is highly adaptable to the tasks at hand. Flexible office layouts will be an essential element of office design in 2017. Companies should be looking at designing special rooms equipped with office furniture that can serve many different functions to help your workforce thrive.

Future-Proof Design

Flexible layouts will also assist in future-proofing your office design and we expect this trend to continue in 2017. Modular workbenches, work pods, collaborative furniture, and acoustic elements are examples of furniture choices that support a high-functioning workspace. We also see soft wiring techniques taking off in the coming year. Soft wiring is a simple installation method for power and data connections that increases safety as well as easily allowing rewiring to adapt to changes in the future.

Integrated Technology

Office furniture with built-in power adapters and multimedia capabilities have been embraced by forward-thinking managers in the past and it should continue to trend upward this year. Wireless charging of devices should become more common, especially if this feature is integrated into the next Apple iPhone, and this should feature prominently in future office furniture design.

Productivity and Well-Being

Office designers have also been thinking about employee productivity and well-being recently. The result of this kind of thinking is a positive impact on the health, happiness, and ultimately productivity of employees, leading to less turnover and decreased employee costs. Adjustable height desks, as well as ergonomic chairs, are prime examples of this philosophy.

Natural Elements

Office managers are already seeing the benefits of using more natural light in design with their employees’ productivity and sense of well-being. Bringing more of the outdoors inside is another key office design trend we expect to grow in the coming year.

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