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Sustainability in Office Design

Sustainability in the Office

There are ways to promote sustainability in your office design and make it more friendly to the environment.

“Going green” is quickly becoming a standard in many businesses and is no longer a trendy buzzword. Being sustainable, employing more environmentally friendly practices, and reducing carbon footprints are new facts of life for companies. A majority of them are already taking practical steps such as recycling paper or going paperless altogether. But did you know that going green can also involve making a few changes to your office design? Sustainability in this realm is possible and not difficult to do. By taking these steps, you can make a difference in the environment and positively change the health of the planet.

Office Lighting Changes

Office design sustainability can start with changing lighting choices. Many companies nowadays are ditching harsh fluorescent lighting hanging on a drop ceiling. In many cases, they are opting for more natural lighting, not only because of its environmental impact but also for its positive effect on worker’s productivity and morale. For artificial lighting, choose light bulbs that are softer and more energy efficient. These changes will help boost productivity and make the office more comfortable for your employees.

Adding Recycled/Refurbished Office Furniture

Sustainability can also take the form of reusing old office furniture. American Design Associates is proud to offer recycled and restored office furniture for clients who wish to impart the values of sustainability on every facet of their office. Even if you decide not to refit your entire office space with recycled furniture, creating a green space within it is friendly to the environment and helps our landfills.

Bringing the Outside Indoors

Adding greenery and plant life into an office has been a popular trend in office design for some time. This adds color and natural tones into a design scheme, which can also aid in boosting employee morale. More practically, plants can boost your team’s health and help in the purification of office air. When aiming for greater sustainability, consider adding greenery in your collaborative spaces to really take advantage of all that plant life has to offer.

Ready to Transform Your Office Design with Some New Furniture?

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