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Organize Your Office to Boost Productivity

If you find that your office is a mess, chances are, the work you’re producing in it is just as bad! In order to maintain high levels of productivity and keep yourself on track, you need to have an organized, well-designed office space. So how exactly can you optimize your furniture and office accessories to create the best workspace possible? American Design Associates has the answer.

Get your office space organized

The first design aspect you’ll need to deal with when organizing your office is your desk. The right desk can make a world of difference when it comes to your capacity to stay organized. Choose a desk with a lot of built-in storage; that way, you won’t have to clutter up your office with too many additional cabinets. Your desk is your primary workspace, and so you can use its drawers to hold your most essential, everyday items and supplies. Do you constantly refer to a manual or file? Store it in the top right drawer. Need a notepad on hand to take down messages and memos? Keep that there as well! The less frequently you use something, the further away from yourself you can store it.

You’ll want to think of how to go about organizing your other files and documents that are maybe not essential to see on a daily basis but are still important to your work. These kinds of papers tend to get stacked up on desks or in piles on the floor- combat this clutter with shelving! Tall, slender shelves do not take up a lot of space, they have visual appeal, and they keep your files where you need them. You can also opt for horizontal shelving that is built in to the wall, rather than having a base. That way, you have more floor space to take advantage of!

Check back in with American Design Associates for more tips on how to get your office organized!

organize your office

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