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Designing the Perfect Conference Room

The conference room is in many ways the heart of the office- it is the gathering place for company meetings, the collaborative space for group projects, and the center for presentations of new and innovative ideas. In order to ensure that you are best utilizing your conference room, you will need to know the best method of design for the space. Luckily, the office design experts from American Design Associates are here to help!

Key Components of a Conference Room

One thing you will want to be sure to feature in your conference room is modern furnishings. You do not want your business to look antiquated or outdated in any way, as this could indicate to potential clients that you are behind the times and not prepare to evolve in the current business world. Modern furnishings with contemporary, clean lines are a subtle way of indicating that you stay on the cutting edge in your chosen field and are prepared to stay ahead of the pack.

Another thing to keep in mind when designing your conference space is the many uses of the room. Because you will have things like product pitches and presentations held in the conference room, you do not want there to be too many distractions for your speakers. That being said, neither do you want bare, clinical-looking walls. Be selective with these kinds of design details then; you can have art hung on the walls so long as it is minimalistic and doesn’t clutter up the space, or consider installing bookcases or shelving to give the room a sense of depth and texture without overfilling it.

As far as the actual composition of the room goes, bear in mind that while oftentimes the people in the room will be focused on a solitary speaker, you want to encourage discussion and collaboration when appropriate. Rounded or elliptical-shaped tables are the ideal way to ensure that everyone can see and hear each other during group meetings.

Want help designing the perfect conference room? Call American Design Associates today!

Perfect Conference Rooms

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