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How to Promote Sustainability in Your Office Design


Use these tips to help promote sustainability in your office design.

Sustainability isn’t just a growing trend, it’s a way of life! If you are looking to update your office design to promote sustainability, getting started can be overwhelming and intimidating. How can you promote sustainability in your office design?

What is Sustainable Office Design?

Sustainability in office design is creating responsible design that works for your employees and for the environment. Sustainable office design also requires the designer to think of the entire lifetime of the furniture. What byproducts happen as a result of the manufacturing process? What is expended during transportation? What is the end result? Sustainable office design wants to maximize productivity and enjoyment and minimize waste and energy use.

Why is Sustainable Design a Great Choice?

Sustainable design can make your office more cost-efficient and energy-efficient. Green or sustainable office buildings can reduce total energy consumption by a third, carbon emission by a third, water usage from 30-50%, and waste expenses from 50-90%. A high-quality sustainable office design will be able to grow alongside your business and reduce your costs throughout the process. While sustainable design might cost slightly more up front, it will definitely save you costs (and save the environment) in the long run.

How Can You Promote Sustainability in Your Office Design?

There are many different ways that you can incorporate sustainability in your office, including:

  • LED lighting
  • Energy Star certified appliances
  • Low-flow faucets and toilets
  • Energy efficient office equipment
  • Desks and furniture produced using sustainable materials and methods
  • Making your workplace natural light-friendly
  • Windows that open to allow air to circulate and cut down on heating and cooling costs on nice days
  • Using low-emission paints and materials throughout your office design
  • Use plants throughout the design to add oxygen and purify the air without using energy

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