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Respecting Space: Employee Cubicles and Privacy

Employee Cubicles and Privacy

Consider employee cubicles and privacy!

When designing an office for your employees it is important to keep a few things in mind. To start, one must remember that not everyone is an extrovert. This means there are plenty of people who do not work well when they are placed in a very open environment. There are many people who need their privacy in order to be productive at work. Nowadays, office spaces are evolving in that they are very open and employees have very little privacy. This can lead to unnecessary stress for some employees and compromise work productivity. So how do you respect space, and consider employee cubicles and privacy?

Give Employees Semi-Private Places

If possible, it is a good idea to accommodate the various personality types in your office. Instead of only having only cubicles or having an extremely open layout, have a combination of both so everyone is happy. By adding in rooms or places where introverts can go to be left alone is a great option that every office should consider.

Office Wall Panels or Freestanding Dividers

One simple solution to give your employees more privacy is adding Office Wall Panels or Freestanding Dividers. What makes these so great is that they can easily be moved to fit the needs in your office. For example, maybe you are looking to add additional personal workstations or any other type of configuration for that matter. There are several options to choose from and the possibilities are endless. But now that we’ve considered one method for improving employee cubicles and privacy, what is a one method to avoid?

Stay Clear from Hot Desking

Hot desking is the concept that employees can sit wherever they please in the office and simply carry their work around with them. This is not a great option because it does not accommodate introverted people and studies show it can have a negative effect on employee memory on the job. This is because people retain more information by staying put in one spot. Employees will develop more memories at one place because they will see it as their “work identity”.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture

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