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Spruce Up Your Office Storage with these Tips

Spruce Up Your Office Storage with these Tips

Just because you need your office storage to be functional doesn’t mean it has to be ugly.

You see them in offices everywhere: the large, black metal filing cabinets that are covering three of the four walls in every office’s file room. They’re drab, generic, and utilitarian. Just because you need your office storage to be functional doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. There are plenty of options out there to modernize your office storage.

Wheeled File Carts

Those huge filing cabinets take up an awful lot of your valuable floor space, and they are totally un-movable. Bringing in some wheeled carts for employees to put their files into gets rid of those big ugly things in your office. Wheeled file carts can also help to increase employee productivity by allowing them to have all of their files close at hand for collaborative meetings.

Convenient Locker Space

In a modern office, not all employees work in the office at all times. Adding lockers to your office storage design offers quite a bit of convenience to remote workers, commuters, temporary employees, visiting consultants, or long-term guests. Lockers allow these workers to store their personal items and free up valuable desk space.

A Stylish Wardrobe in Your Private Office

Every executive experiences it at some point: you’ve accidentally worked way too late, forgetting about evening plans. Putting a wardrobe in your personal office will allow you to have a change of clothes close-by, so you can skip the frantic trip home and just go straight out and enjoy your plans.

Add a Pop of Color from Your Company’s Logo

When choosing colors for paint, wallpaper, flooring, and furniture, your go-to color palette should be your company’s logo. That said, be careful when adding colors to your office design. Too little color is definitely boring, but too much color can feel chaotic and distracting. A professional office designer will help you find a happy medium.

Consult the Professionals at American Design Associates

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