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3 Ways To Improve Your Office’s Reception Area

reception room

Follow these tips to improve your reception area.

Want to provide a positive first impression on clients and guests as they enter your office?  When designing your office space, you need to start with the reception area which is the first area people will see.  Your reception area should be comfortable and feel inviting so your clients form a good first impression, and their visit starts off well.  There are several ways you can improve your office’s reception area, so it will give an amazing first impression.

Focus on the Furniture

One of the most important aspects of any reception, especially a medical facility, is the furniture where will sit to wait.  It is important to invest in furniture that is comfortable yet durable to withstand the heavy traffic coming in and out of your office.  Choose comfortable chairs and a sofa that will enjoy to sit in and will help them relax.  Some offices make\ people sit for hours in their reception areas, so it is vital to invest in quality furniture.

Let The Light In

No one wants to sit in a poorly lit or even dark reception area, especially the receptionist who works there every day.  When designing or renovating your reception area, focus on effective ways to light the space so guests are comfortable and can see while they read.  If you have the luxury to have a couple of windows in your space, then try to allow the most natural light in as possible  Natural light has amazing effects on mood and will just open your reception area even more.  Avoid lighting that feels artificial like fluorescent bulbs because they can cause headaches and eye pain.

Spice Up Your Space

While a water cooler is a nice touch to any reception area, offer guests something out of the ordinary that will enhance their experience.  Have a selection of fruit infused waters along with hot coffee and tea.  Make sure to have some kind of little treat at the desk that people can grab while they leave.  Think about adding plants or other natural items to create a calm energy in your reception area.

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