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Three Ways to Avoid Growing Business Pains

growing business

Growing your business is important, but it can come with some difficulties.

Building your business into a successful company is the American dream. Owners, particularly those of small businesses, understand the roadblocks that come along with expansion and success. Growth and success are usually held back by space constraints as your company’s productivity is tied to how many people and resources you can fit in your office. To avoid the growing pains most expanding companies face, consider these three tips.

Break out of the box

While private space is nice to have, the more space assigned to an employee, the more room you will need. Keep rent costs down by choosing an office with open space and create an open floor plan for work spaces. Your space consideration will save money and make for a better work environment. Open floor plans allow for cross-departmental collaboration so lines of communication remain open. Also, most growing businesses need flexible space to accommodate new employees. An open floor plan allows for easy movement of desks to create an environment as responsive as your business. When you are ready to take your design to the next level, ask an expert for help. American Design Associates provides tailored planning services to create on office layout to fit your unique needs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Some of the greatest companies in American history were started from humble means. Shop smart and consider used office furniture. American Design Associates offer the highest quality pre-owned pieces so that you do your best work at a fraction of the cost. Not only are you helping conserve resources in our environment, but you can expand your business for less. When you have out-grown your furniture, don’t throw away your money. Continue the cycle and resell your furniture. American Design Associates buys used furniture from office’s who can no longer use them and restores the pieces so other growing companies can have the same benefit of going used.

Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

If you would prefer to try before you buy, consider leasing office furniture. Most growing businesses change every day and can’t predict where they will be in a year or two. Save your investment on furniture for after you have grown and lease furniture in the meantime. American Design Associates can design, deliver and assemble your entire office furniture set, allowing you to save while your company grows. The flexibility of leasing allows you to add on or pare down your pieces as your business changes with time.

Choose American Design Associates

American Design Associates, Inc. is a Contract Furniture Dealer and Design Firm located in Towson, Maryland. We proudly consider ourselves a “Dream Team” comprised of experienced project managers, interior designers, service technicians and an outstanding customer support team. Contact us by calling 410-823-5500 to discuss the right desk for you.

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