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Which Office Lighting Style Boosts Productivity?

Maximizing your employee’s productivity is about more than making sure they’ve got enough pens and notepads to go around. You need to create an environment that is conducive to work and focus, and every component of office design plays into that. One element in particular that you need to pay attention to is the kind of office lighting you are using. Read on to find out more about office lighting and how you can select the right style with help from American Design Associates!

Office Lighting: Fluorescent, Overhead, Task, or Natural?office-lighting

1.)    Fluorescent. Fluorescent lighting, while a traditional choice for many offices, is actually very prohibitive to productivity. Artificial lighting such as this tends to be dim, causing employees to have to strain their eyes to see computer screens and important documents. Because it is not exceptionally bright, it can also increase the chances of employees developing fatigue over the course of the day.

2.)    Overhead. Overhead lighting is often necessary in some form, but like fluorescent lighting, it can often have a counterproductive effect on your employees. Keep overhead lighting restricted to areas that absolutely need it.

3.)    Task. Task lighting is more specifically focused lighting, such as the light provided by lamps and smaller units. Task lighting is useful in that it can highlight an individual’s workspace without being overwhelming, as fluorescent lighting can be.

4.)    Natural. Natural lighting is the most beneficial type of office lighting to choose if you want to boost employee productivity. Natural lighting keeps us feeling more alert and energized, which translates directly into higher-quality, more focused work.

In order to establish an office lighting system that works for your office space, seek the assistance of the office design professionals from American Design Associates today.

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