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How Your Business Affects Your Office Furniture Style


Office furniture is not necessarily one size fits all. What works in a law office might not work as well in an interior design office, for example. Form is as important as function, and ideally you’ll choose office furniture that embodies both of these aesthetics. You want your office furniture style to reflect who you are as a business. This concept is important for a number of reasons, including the way you present your culture to yourself, to potential employees, and to clients. Learn more about how this works in our blog.


Does your office furniture style reflect who you are as a business?

How Your Business Affects Your Office Furniture Style

How You Present Yourself to Yourself

How you present your business’ culture to yourself is actually the foundation of culture itself. Culture arises naturally out of the nature of your business, but it’s also actively curated by your business. One of the most visible ways you can curate your business’ culture is in your taste in office furniture. In choosing office furniture that reflects your corporate culture, you are essentially reinforcing that culture with a positive feedback loop. Culture starts with you, so cultivate it through your office furniture’s style.

How You Present Yourself to Potential Talent

Another important area in which your office furniture style is extremely relevant is in how you present yourself to potential talent. The first impression you make on a potential employee comes the minute they step in your office. What will your office furniture say about your culture? Will it say “Hey, this is a fun, engaging, and challenging place to work,” or will it say “Hey, it looks like the furniture here hasn’t been updated since the ’80s. The best talent will take note of the image you project with your office furniture, so you want it to be a positive one.

How You Present Yourself to Clients

In a similar vein, the image you present to clients is all about making the right impression. And not only do you want to make the right impression to potential clients, you want to make the right impression to current clients. By putting thought and effort into your office furniture style, you show clients that you value every aspect of your business.

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