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Office Layout Design Plans Take Note of Trends

For those interested in a new office layout, many firms are incorporating current design trends into their plans.

You may be right to avoid trends in certain industries, but design firms are accommodating the needs of a company into their designs for increased functionality and productivity. If you are looking to improve your office layout, what are some of the most popular trends in office interior design right now?

Creative Spacesoffice-layout

More and more companies are hiring freelance and temp employees, and that trend will continue to grow. The cost of not only retaining current employees, but also bringing on new workers can be astronomical. The job market may grow, but that doesn’t mean businesses will have large amounts of employees working in their physical location. Designers are using smaller spaces to make more unique workspaces, and allowing workers more flexibility in how they work. Instead of being assigned to cubicles or having large rooms for meetings, designers are trying to create spaces that allows an employee to choose where they want to work. This is also a great way to help create chanced encounters, and encourages open collaboration.

Focusing on Lighting

When optimal lighting levels have been achieved in an office, some studies suggest a worker’s productivity increases from 2.8 to 20 percent. Office interior design tries to take advantage of natural light as best as designers possibly can, while still providing adequate lighting solutions from fixtures. Mixing both can be hard to accomplish, but it really does improve the mood of employees. For those staring at a computer all day, it’s important to have an opportunity to bask in natural light and take a little break from the keyboard.

Avoiding Cubicles

With the increase of telecommuters, it’s important not to waste space in an office. Standard desk layouts are becoming less popular, as fewer and fewer employees are actually sitting at desks to conduct work. With smart phones, tablets and laptops, it’s important to create settings that not only allow room for all of these devices, but that offer enough outlets to make sure everything is charged. Also, it’s important to allow for employees to interact and collaborate with each other, and two employees working together may mean they need to charge as many as six devices at the same time. Imagine if you have five people working together! Modern office interior design trends dictate that you need to keep an office layout as mobile and flexible as possible.

If you’re office layout could benefit from a design change, working with the right design firm can help to boost your company’s productivity and morale!


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