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Why the Office Lobby is Becoming More Important in the Workplace


The office should not be a static environment. As work itself changes, so should the workplace around it. A dynamic workplace that reflects changes in work itself is a workplace that promotes productivity and growth.

So what does this have to do with the office lobby? A lot, in fact. While the idea of the office lobby has remained largely unchanged for many years, it’s beginning to change. That’s because technology is driving the evolution of work into spaces out of the office. Employees can get much work done virtually, but businesses still understand the importance of having employees in the office for face to face interactions. As a transitional space between the virtual out-of-office world and the work spaces of the office itself, the office lobby is starting to take on more of a workspace connotation. Learn more in our blog.


What does the future hold for the office lobby?

The Development of the Office Lobby

The office lobby as a transitional workspace is one of the most recent developments in office space, and has the potential to grow rapidly in the near future. There are a number of reasons for this.

The most significant is the changing relationship of the employee to the office. Technology has allowed employees to become untethered from cubicles and work anywhere. And many employees are excited by the prospect of a dynamic work environment that places fewer restrictions on their location and inspires greater creativity as a result. But where can these employees go now that they’re not limited to the desk?

The office lobby provides an ideal space for employees to work “in the office” without this work having to be done in a designated space. The office lobby takes the concept of the open office to the face of the office itself. Imagine clients walking right into an environment where employees are working in a collaborative and creative way.

On the other hand, the office lobby can also serve as a place for employees to pause for a few minutes to recharge and refocus, away from a dedicated workspace.

Another advantage of this new office space development that businesses may want to consider is the potential it has for attracting new talent. This kind of cutting-edge environment is sure to attract top talent.

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