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Office Design Tips: Creating a Video Contact Center

When it comes to getting in touch with clients and customers, businesses are starting to shy away from the traditional telephone call. This means shying away from rows and rows of cubicles filled with phones (and not much else) as well. The new mode of communication being used by companies everywhere is the video contact center, and it, like any other space in your office, requires a specific kind of office design to be successful. Read on to find out more!

What is a Video Contact Center and How Can My Office Design Accommodate It?video-contact-center

A video contact center is an area in your office that customer support employees can use to place and receive video calls from clients. These kinds of contact centers are so popular because of their dual nature: combining the convenience of a phone call with the personal touch of a face-to-face conversation. Because your video contact center serves such an important purpose, it needs to be designed very specifically. Office design tips for a video contact center include:

1.)    Keeping the background simple. On a video call, your customers can see everything going on in the background behind your customer service representative. It’s important to keep the background professional-looking but not plain: artwork, shelves, and even indoor plants can convey the office atmosphere without looking too dull.

2.)    Consider sound masking. Sound masking the room in which your video contact center is set up can help reduce noise pollution and maintain the high sound quality of your video calls. This will prevent misinterpretations and confusion and allow the call to take place easily.

3.)    Be mindful of color. Bright colors can make office design cheerful, but they may not translate well on screen. Practice placing a video call and see whether or not a colorful background is too overwhelming or hard on the eyes.

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