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How Does The Right Office Furniture Increase Productivity?


Employee productivity is influenced by a number of factors, one of them being the environment in which the employee works. And because one of, if not the, major components of the environment in an office is the furniture itself, it stands to reason that office furniture has a big impact on productivity. As a general rule, the better the furniture, both in the quality of the individual pieces and their cohesiveness in the design of the office as a whole, the better the productivity. In this week’s blog, we’re going to talk about how the right office furniture can help you increase employee productivity.


How Does the Right Office Furniture Increase Productivity?


The first consideration when it comes to the question of office furniture and productivity is comfort. The idea is simple: The more comfortable the furniture, the more productive the user will be. Ergonomic designs combined with proper use by the user will maximize productivity. Office decision makers should make a concerted effort to outfit the office with comfortable, ergonomically-designed furniture, and employees should be instructed in how to adjust this furniture to their own personal tastes.


It’s not just about how the office furniture feels, it’s about how it looks too. Old, worn out furniture creates an ambiance in the environment that isn’t conducive to productivity. By the same token, furniture that is too bright, bold, or loud can also be distracting and counterproductive. Look for furniture that is professional and something, something that sets the tone for the work in your office.

Layout and Design

Productivity is a function not just of individual pieces of furniture, but of the way they’re organized to form a whole office workspace. Furniture that is not organized in a way that is conducive to the needs of employees will reduce productivity. Workspaces should be organized in a way that works for both the individuals and the office group as a whole. Determine what traffic patterns are most common and organize workspaces around them. You may also want to setup an area of the office for collaborative work, and separate areas for individual work. This separation will facilitate workflow and improve productivity.

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