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How to Choose a Desk for a Small Home Office

If your home office is small, then it may seem like an overwhelming task to pick out the best desk

Home offices vary in size. If your home office is small, then it may seem like an overwhelming task to pick out the best desk. After all, you want to feel comfortable while working and not contort your body. When choosing a home office desk, you don’t want to compromise the space of wherever you decide to place your desk. One suggestion for home office design is to always situate your home office away from areas such as your bedroom or kitchen. However, if that’s not feasible, then you want to make sure that your desk won’t compromise those spaces. Keep reading for these tips on know to pick out the best home office desk for you.

1) Find a Small Corner for Your Desk

If there is a wall in your home that has a two to three-foot clearance, then a desk can go there. Any small corner can work. It’s ideal if you situate your workspace near an electrical outlet if primarily your day-to-day operations feature a lot of computer work. All you need is a four-foot height clearance to use a computer comfortably and place it properly.

2) Pick a Multipurpose Desk

Some of the best home office desks include desks that have drawers for storing files and papers. Also, a keyboard that slides out is optimal when you need more space on your desktop. Typically, all you need is space for a small lamp, a computer monitor, and of course arm room. Using a laptop may be a better option because some computers are bulky and tap up a lot of space.

3) Other Tips to Consider

Contoured keyboards reduce strain while making sure that your monitor is the correct height reduces back pain. You also want an office chair that cushions your back. ┬áIf you find that you’re often straining your eyes, a LED lamp helps to lessen this effect.

Finally, make sure that your home office has personal touches to it. Decorating your home office is motivating. Natural aesthetics such as plants and windows that let in a lot of sunlight are positive and help with productivity and peace all at the same time.

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