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What Your Office and Desk Could Potentially Say About You

First impressions mean everything, so you want to make sure that your desk and office aren’t off-putting

Believe it or not, impressing a client takes more than just excellent communication skills. First impressions mean everything, so you want to make sure that your desk and office aren’t off-putting. Mainly, your office and desk should reflect the kind of person that you are. If they’re not, then you want to upgrade and enhance your office space without a doubt. Are you not exactly sure what your office and desk say about you? Keep reading to learn how to decipher and make good judgment!

Is Your Office Cluttered?

When your desk or office is cluttered or disorganized, it’s distracting. Clients or employees will instead focus on the office supplies piling up on your desk versus the things that you have to say. What a cluttered office says is that you’re not in control of things. It’s vital for people to take you seriously, so make sure you clean your desk and office space.

How Are You Selling Yourself?

You indeed should show off your many accomplishments, but narrow it down to the ones that matter the most. What it says about you when you have a lot of pictures of yourself hanging around is that you could be narcissistic. You indeed want to display awards to show that you’re credible, but maybe break up some of the selfies with pictures of friends or family or company photos.

Are Your Important Documents Organized?

When a client comes into contact, you want their information readily accessible. Showing that you have excellent preparation skills will win the client over. Struggling to find vital information brings awkwardness into the atmosphere and may encourage the client not to take you seriously.

Do You Have A Comfortable Chair Waiting for Your Client?

If you don’t have an office chair for clients, what it says is that you prefer your own company. If you do have an office chair for clients, but it has files scattered all over it, it may say that 1) you don’t have clients coming to you regularly (if so you would clean more often) and 2) once again, you may come off as disorganized.

The Main Takeaway

You want an office space that shows how welcoming you are and how organized you can be. Professionalism is vital especially if you are in a leadership role.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture Group

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