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Making an Open Office Layout Work Better for Everyone


Open office layouts are becoming more and more common in today’s working world. The open office offers a number of advantages, not the least of which is its ability to facilitate collaboration between employees. Office decision makers also enjoy that open offices generally save space over other layout plans.

However, as with any office layout, it has its drawbacks. Open offices can be distracting for employees who prefer to work in a more segmented layout. This in turn cuts down on productivity, which is not the intended effect. So how can an open office be tweaked to make it work better for everyone? Learn more about making the open office a better place for every employee, in our blog.


Panel furniture makes this open office space a little more cozy.

Making an Open Office Layout Work Better for Everyone

Reducing Foot Traffic

Ideally, the furniture will be arranged in such a way that reduces foot traffic through the middle of the work area. Foot traffic should be routed around the work space. This way, people who are passing through the space are less likely to disturb those who are working in it.

Reducing Noise

Noise is perhaps the biggest complaint employees have about open offices. While noise can’t completely be eliminated from a space, sound masking devices can be used to reduce noise. Ceiling sound masking systems are available, as are smaller devices that are placed throughout the space. White noise machines are another potential solution. These actually add noise to the environment, but white noise can actually help block out other distracting noises.

Make Conference Rooms Available

Open offices can facilitate collaboration, but sometimes a group of employees who are collaborating on a project can distract others in the space who may be working on solo projects. In this case, conference rooms should be made available for groups of employees to make use of.

Panel Furniture

Panel furniture is a great way to make an open office feel a little less expansive. Panel setups create multiple cubicle areas in a space, and many employees like how these spaces are more enclosed and feel dedicated to their personal work environment.


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