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Office Design: 4 Tips for Getting More out of Your Workspace


Your greatest asset as a business owner is your people, but you have to make sure that your office design allows your employees to be productive.

Employees can become easily distracted when they have to sit on a squeaky chair all day or they can barely see the computer screen because of poor lighting. How can you get more out of your office space?


These office design tips will help you get more out of your workspace.

1. Different Work Space Environment

Some people need to engage with other people and have an open area to do their best work, while other employees prefer a cubicle or a quiet space. Everyone is different, but an office design that allows for employees not to be constrained to work in just one area can do wonders in terms of productivity. If you’re looking to attract a younger workforce, millennial workers prefer office designs that encourage collaboration

2. Provide the Right Furniture

Do your office chairs offer enough support? Are desks big enough to offer enough space for writing utensils, notebooks and multiple computer screens? Are the desks too big? When the furniture doesn’t work in your office design, it can lead to distractions. It can be awkward for employees to maneuver around each other if the furniture is too big or blocks pathways, but fixtures that are too small can also cause issues and decreases productivity.

3. Add Color

Our moods can actually be affected by different colors. A splash of color can lively up the office, and you will be surprised about the increased energy around your office. There are certain colors, however, that put people in a mellow or calmer state, so you don’t want to overdo it when it comes to adding a splash of color into your office. You could do something as simple as adding bright pictures and posters around different workspaces, and you can encourage your employees to tape pictures of their favorite vacation spots to their desks.

4. Lighting Fixtures

An office design will suffer if the right lighting is not in place, as it puts a real strain on productivity. Improper lighting can cause everything from headaches, to eyestrain to even fatigue. Dark spaces are also known to cause depression. To help your employees stay focused and more productive, it’s paramount that an office design includes adequate lighting in the layout.

You have the right people, now all you need is the right office design and the right commercial furniture.

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