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Simple Home Office Organization Tips

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Learn how to have a well-organized home office.

Working from home may sound like a dream, but it can be easy to take for granted many of the benefits of office organization and compartmentalization. Soon enough, your home office can look like a disaster area, and organizing all your work materials can be an extremely daunting task. Following are some of the simple ways you can reduce the clutter in your home office space.

Have a Mail Station

One of the benefits of working in an office building is that you probably don’t have to deal with mail-related clutter. But when that mail is coming straight to your home, it all needs to go somewhere. Having a dedicated mail station can help you keep track of incoming and outgoing mail, what needs to be answered or thrown away, and any important paperwork you receive via the mail.

Have a Printing Station

Similarly to the mail, it can be highly beneficial to use a printer far from your desk. In a home office, a great way to maximize your desk space while reducing paper clutter is to dedicate a printing station somewhere in the office. This may be on a bookshelf, on top of a filing cabinet, or even on a small table separate from your working desk. This will help you keep better track of printed papers and increase organization.

Color Code Files

Whether you use a proper filing cabinet, wire baskets, or a tote system, it is important to keep your files organized. This is a mess that can get out of hand quickly, and color coding can help you keep your organization under control before you lose track of any files. An easy way to color code is to dedicate a color to each major filing category and keep those files in the appropriate colored folder. Remember to label the folder for maximally efficient filing.

Invest in a Label Maker

A little label making can go a long way in a home office. Since you probably don’t have the level of storage that a commercial office space would, labels can help you keep all your supplies properly stored and easily accessible. By labeling files, and even drawers and boxes, you can find everything that you file away or store in your home office.

Use Containers

To truly get the most out of your home office space, you will need to maximize storage. The best way to use this is through storage and organization containers that you can use to stow away all of your office supplies and files. This will help you keep your items categorized as well as out of sight, helping you to cut down on the visible clutter in your home office.

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