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What to Consider when Creating an Open Office Design

An open office design allows employees to communicate openly and not be confined to one area!

The dynamic of the classic office design is changing as technology improves and times become more modern. Rather than everyone having a separate office or cubicle, open office spaces are becoming a very popular design trend, making it easier for employees to collaborate on various tasks and projects. This design trend promotes teamwork and communication in work environments, which is improving the quality of work and productivity in the workplace. Here are some things to consider when creating an open office design for your company.


Employee satisfaction is important in ensuring the success of any business. With that being said, be sure to get feedback from your employees before making the final decision to create an open office design. This allows employees to communicate their opinions on the current layout of the office, a new layout, and any concerns that they may have along the way. Keeping your team in the loop when big changes are occurring helps to make them feel more secure and comfortable. They may also bring some great ideas to the table that you may not have thought of on your own.

Quiet Space

Though the purpose of an open office design is to give employees more collaboration space, do not forget about quiet spaces. An open office space allows noise to travel easily, which can sometimes be distracting. To solve this problem, simply incorporate some quiet spaces into your office design so that employees also have the option to work in silence when necessary.


A big goal for most businesses is to become bigger and better as time goes on. When creating an open office design, plan for potential expansion. If you only plan your office design around the employees you currently have, you may run out of space when it’s time to bring in new employees. Planning your office layout around potential expansion allows you to leave extra space for any new employees that join your company. The last thing you want is to be forced to relocate or remodel right after designing a beautiful new office space.

A Better Space from American Design Associates

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