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3 Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture


Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic office furniture corrects posture and alleviates pain from repetitive tasks.

Many studies have proven the benefits of having ergonomics in the workplace. Ergonomic office furniture is more than just office chairs. You can deck out your office space with ergonomic desks, monitors, keyboards, and computer mouses! The amount you invest in ergonomic office furniture now will return to your tenfold in employee productivity and well being.

Increased Employee Engagement

Fatigue and discomfort rank high when listing common office employee complaints. Feeling tired and uncomfortable at work makes an employee less likely to look forward to coming to work as well as less likely to perform their work efficiently. When employees feel comfortable in their work environment and see that their employer is investing in their comfort, they are more likely to not skip work and to show up on time and ready for a productive day.

Culture of Safety

Poorly designed furniture can actually pose serious health risks. Many employees complain of back, neck, arm, wrist, and finger pain that stem from bad posture and repetitive motions. You can help to keep your employees healthy by investing in well-designed furniture that aids posture and movement.

Increased Quality of Work

Work-related pain and discomfort can distract employees and hinder them from performing at their full potential. When an employee spends less time complaining about a chair that won’t adjust height or a wrist that is sore from typing, they’ll spend more time zoned into their work.

Increased Productivity

Once an employee is zeroed in on their work with no distractions or interruptions, they have the unhindered ability to perform at maximum speed and efficiency. An employee who is taking fewer breaks and sick days is spending more time on valuable projects. If your employees continue to be unproductive, then it may not the wrong choice of furniture but the wrong choice of employees.

Decreased Expenses

Spending the money now on ergonomic office furniture is a great way to ensure that you will not have to spend money later on worker’s compensation. Plus, your team will be healthy and happy, which translates directly into higher productivity! It’s a win-win!

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