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Office Furniture Spring Cleaning Tips

office furniture spring cleaning

Don’t leave your office furniture off of your spring cleaning list this month!

We’re not quite sure who let it happen, but there was a blanket of snow on the ground when we woke up this morning. We’re not quite happy about it, but we know it isn’t serious. We checked the forecast, and it’ll warm back up next week, interspersed with a few spring showers. Hopefully that’s the weather that sticks, and hopefully spring will come rolling in for good within the next couple weeks. When it does, it’ll be time for spring cleaning! A clean office is a productive one, so don’t forget about office furniture spring cleaning when you’re writing out this month’s to-do list.

Start at the Surface

A surprising amount of dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate in an office. You spend upwards of 40 hours a week in there, and things just naturally get dirty. Whether it’s the dust behind your computer and on top of your bookcase, or the germs on your keyboard and phone, it’s there. Start easy by tackling this with an electrostatic duster and some disinfecting wipes.

Get a Little Deeper

Now’s time for some elbow grease. Over time, your office furniture will start to lose the shine it had when you first got it. Whether we’re talking about wooden furniture or cloth or leather upholstery, it’s time to bring back that shine. There are plenty of cleaning products that can help with freshening up whatever type of furniture you may have — a quick internet search for your specific materials will let you know what to buy and what steps to take.

Unless It’s Too Late

Well-loved furniture will eventually degrade beyond what can be repaired with a little varnish or cleaning spray. If your furniture is falling apart or no longer suits your needs, office furniture spring cleaning is a great time to get rid of it or restore it. At American Design, we will restore and/or buy your old furniture from you to make room for the revitalization of spring!

Have You Written Your Office Furniture Spring Cleaning Checklist?

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