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3 Benefits of Standing Desks

standing desks

Discover the several benefits of investing in a standing desk.

Although many offices engage in this activity on a daily basis, sitting for six hours or more can be detrimental to your health according to a study published by Science Daily.  Sitting for several hours throughout the burns very few calories and is associated with health issues such as obesity and back pain.  Operating a standing desk is fairly simple because you just comfortably stand while you work.  Many modern versions allow you to adjust the desk to sitting and standing positions.  There are several long-lasting benefits to investing in a standing desk.

Lowers Your Risk Of Obesity

Sitting for several hours at once can lead to weight gain which can put you at risk of obesity.  One way to reduce your risk of weight gain and obesity is to invest in a standing desk at work.  Compared to sitting, standing burns more than 50 calories an hour which can be extensive depending on how many hours you choose to stand each day.  By just standing alone, you maintain your weight, and then add walking throughout the day you have potential to improve your health.

Improves Posture

A standing desk is an effective way to improve your posture at work as well as reducing eye strain.  You should set up your computer just above resting eye level so you can avoid hunching your back over to type on your keyboard.  In addition to improving your posture, a standing desk allows reduces your chances of back pain.  When you aren’t straining your back by sitting or reach for items, you are maintaining your overall health.  

Improves Energy and Mood

By simply standing while you are at work, you can increase your energy and improve the how you feel throughout the day.  There are several studies linking using a standing desk to reduced stress and fatigue.  Sitting for long periods of time at work has been linked to an increased risk of depression and anxiety.  Standing is not only good for your body but your mind as well.  

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