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3 Office Furniture Trends to Incorporate into Your Workplace


Discover a few of the latest office furniture trends.

Following trends may seem like an unwise thing to do because of how often they come and go. However, keeping up with current trends can help you find new ways to update your workplace design. Trendy office furniture is both visually appealing and more functional than some of the options we’re used to seeing. Every year comes with fresh ideas and new approaches to enhancing employee comfort and productivity. Here are three current office furniture trends to incorporate into your workplace.

Enhanced Simplicity

Clutter and bulk can create an overwhelming atmosphere for busy professionals. Now, office furniture can help relieve some of that by eliminating the use of heavy materials and bulky cabinetry. Simpler shelving units, lighter-colored materials, and better systems of organization will help give employees a better sense of control in their own office spaces.

Adaptable Furniture

Multi-purpose spaces and adaptable furniture are essential to giving businesses the ability to host meetings, collaborate, and put on various corporate events. Adaptable furniture is much easier to move from place to place throughout the office. It takes away the need to rent additional furniture or find a place to store it when it’s not being used. Your employees, as well as business partners and clients, will feel comfortable and more welcomed when they enter the office.

Ergonomic Designs

Many professionals spend the bulk of their days at work in a seated position. This can cause painful pressure and other issues relating to posture. Feeling uncomfortable at various points throughout the day could even affect productivity and cause an increase in aches and painful chronic conditions. Ergonomic furniture designs are created to help enhance the comfort of employees. They focus on posture and position, making sure that all employees are seated in an optimal position for their bodies. They are often adjustable and customizable to fit everyone’s unique height, weight, and other characteristics. Some of the options include moveable keyboards, sitting desks that transition into standing desks, monitor stands, more back-friendly chairs. Business owners and managers are becoming more conscious of these concerns and implementing changes that enhance the experience of every professional in the office.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture Group

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