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The 3 Pieces of a Great Filing System

Filing System

What are the components of a good, functional filing system? Here are three.

Keeping your office productive and efficient is one of the trickiest things without a great filing system. The right filing system will ensure that papers get where they need to be quickly and that they are in the right location next time they’re needed. Luckily, there are only three core components that make up the most successful professional filing systems.

A Way to Find Files

Filing systems are designed to help you find specific paperwork or documents when you need them, so first decide how you can code files to make them easily accessible. This finding mechanism is the indexing system that governs your filing system and can be anything from jotting down a name on the folder, placing a computer-generated code on it, using color codes, or just about anything else. Many filing systems are organized alphabetically by their name, or numerically based on the code.

A Way to Store Files

Once the code has been generated or written, the files need somewhere to go. Do folders hold only one thing, or are they clustered to hold 6 or more? Do you use expanding pockets to keep track of paperwork? Depending on the tools you choose to use, your files might be quite large once they are filled. If you store many different types of records, color coded folders could be a great way to keep everything organized and separate.

A Way to Store the Completed Files

Now that you’ve done the majority of the work for your filing system, you need to choose the right filing equipment. The right equipment should leave your files properly secured if they are confidential or properly displayed if they are resources you regularly use. In an office setting, shelf filing systems are very popular thanks to their space efficiency and ease of use.

Ready for a Filing System to Transform Your Business?

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