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What Goes into a Good Drafting Chair or Stool?

good drafting chair or stool

Ergonomics are an important part of a good drafting chair or stool!

The right support can keep workers in your office productive, happy, and healthy every day of the week. Unlike traditional office chairs or conference room chairs, a good drafting chair or stool has fairly specific requirements to set it apart from the rest. Here are some of the many things that go into a good drafting chair or stool.

Who Uses Drafting Chairs?

Drafting chairs and stools are typically used by architects, lab workers, draftsmen, and other people who need very durable chairs that allow for perching instead of sitting. Instead of putting your whole weight on the chair and relaxing into the surface, like an office chair, a good drafting chair or stool will encourage leaning forward or perching on the surface. They offer foot support to help facilitate this position.

Adjustable Height

Since a good drafting chair or stool will be used by people of many different heights, it needs to be adjustable to meet their needs. A good drafting chair or stool will come with pneumatic or hydraulic adjusting capabilities to switch up the height. When adjusting the height, make sure that feet can rest on the foot rest or floor and the arms can easily sit on the table.

The Right Depth and Width

A good drafting chair or stool should always have the right seat depth and width for the user, especially since perching is not always the most comfortable position to be in. Most office chairs are measured at around 17 by 20 inches. Many drafting chairs or stools are shallower, with less space between the front and back of the chair.

Arm Rests

Depending on the preference of the user, a good drafting chair or stool might have no arm rests, adjustable arm rests, or optional arm rests. Ask your workers what their preference is and see how they prefer to work. Obviously, drafting stools do not come with arm rests at all, so if you have a group of workers who prefer the armless look, stools might be a winner over chairs.

Drafting Chairs and Stools from Glover Furniture Group

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