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3 Tips To Choose The Perfect Office Chair For You

There are several things you should look for when choosing an office chair.

There are several things you should look for when choosing an office chair.

The average employee spends 40 plus hours a week at work and they spend a majority of that time in an office chair in front of a computer.  Whether you work in an office or from home, you probably spend a large portion of your day sitting to complete assignments.  So, it is essential that you choose an office chair that supports your back and assists in productivity.  There are several tips to help you choose the office chair to fulfill all of your needs.

Lumbar Support

Even if you don’t have chronic lower back pain, it is essential that you pick a chair with exceptional lumbar support.  A chair with lumbar support will prevent your back from straining and reduce the chances of debilitating problems from forming.  When looking for an office chair, try to choose one with adjustable lumbar support so you can fit the chair to your back.  The better your back fits to your chair, the less chance for lower back pain.  

Know Your Needs

What kind of work will you be completing in your chair?  Will you be in one place the whole day or are you moving around, collaborating with your coworkers?  Once you answer these questions, you should know what your chair needs to be equipped with to meet your needs.  If you move around most of the day, then you should seek out a smooth-rolling, scuff-free rolling chair.  If you sit in one spot for a long period of time, then choose a chair with a deep-cushioned seat and exceptional back support.

Fabric and Cushion

One of the most important elements of any office chair is the fabric and cushioning that completes the design.  You should want an office chair that is made with fabric that allows the chair to breathe while you are sitting, so it doesn’t heat up and make you sweaty.  It is critical that your chair has a sufficient amount of cushioning to where you don’t feel the base while sitting.  


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