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How to Design a Healthier Office

How to Design a Healthier Office

Ready to get started designing a healthier office? Read on!

As research continues to bring to light ways that traditional offices are unhealthy for workers, new designs are being developed that make workplace wellness a priority. By keeping your employees happy and healthy, you will get to watch your business grow with them by your side for decades to come. Ready to get started designing a healthier office? Read on!

Furniture Designed with Bodies in Mind

Ergonomic furniture is becoming more and more popular, as it allows employees to work comfortably and encourages optimal health. Each furniture piece that your employees use should be designed to comfortably support their body, help them maintain optimal focus levels, support their energy levels throughout the day. A healthier office design should incorporate ergonomic chairs, sit stand desks, and flexible ergonomic furniture that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Allow for a Little Bit of Fun

It is important to give your employees a chance to relax on the job. We know that it sounds counterintuitive, but allowing employees to take breaks for reading, physical activity, or whatever helps them recharge, allows them to work longer and harder with higher focus levels. Instead of giving your employees a boring break room, think about adding an exercise room, a gourmet coffee station, or another fun place for your employees to take a break in your healthy office design. Not sure this will work for your office environment? Keep in mind that the biggest and most innovative companies today, like Google and Facebook, play as hard as they work.

Let the Sunshine In

One of the biggest things that gets left behind in modern office design is natural sunlight. Research has shown that natural sunlight is actually one of the most important factors in controlling how healthy your office is.  If your office does not have any natural light and instead uses all fluorescent lighting, your employees can develop a variety of health problems including insomnia, eyestrain, headaches, and low productivity levels that severely damage your bottom line. Making an investment in natural lighting is making an investment in health of your employees and the health of your business.

A Better Work Space from American Design Associates

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