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4 Features All Good Office Chairs Have


Looking for a good office chair? This is a search that’s worth the end result. A good office chair that has the features you need will give you many years of service, and allow you to be more comfortable and more productive at the office. You’ve probably heard the buzzwords like ergonomic and posture, but what does this translate into in terms of actual features? Learn more in our blog!


How comfortable is your office chair?

4 Features All Good Office Chairs Have

Adjustable Height

You need to be seated at the right height for proper posture. Your feet need to be flat on the ground, knees bent at 90 degrees, back against the seat, and head level with the monitor. Your arms should rest comfortably on the arm rests. So make sure any chair you buy is an adjustable height chair.

Waterfall Seat

Many office chairs have a seat feature known as a waterfall. This refers to the part of the chair that supports the part of your hamstrings located right before the knees. In a chair with a waterfall, this part of the chair will actually be angled slightly down, as opposed to the rest of the chair which will be perpendicular to the floor. This feature reduces the pressure put on your hamstrings, allowing for increased comfort.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar is the area of the back around the lower spine. In a chair without lumbar support, you’ll most likely suffer from poor posture, leading to back problems over time. An office chair with lumbar support gives this area of your spine the critical support it needs, in order to improve your posture and reduce your chances of bank pain.

Breathable Material

Chair materials that aren’t breathable will trap the heat from your body, making you hotter. This will cause you to sweat, which the material will also trap. Now you’re hot and sweaty and just uncomfortable. So look for a chair with a breathable material that doesn’t do this. Mesh chairs are a great example, and will help you stay cool and comfortable.

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