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5 Features All Good Office Chairs Have

If you work in an office (like many Americans) chances are you spend the majority of your day sitting in an office chair. Spending too much time sitting in an office chair, however, eventually takes its toll on your body. Uncomfortable and poorly-designed chairs can impact your blood circulation, give you sore muscles, and lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. However, the time you spend in your chair is usually inevitable – which is why it’s so important that your chair be ergonomic. Keep reading to discover five important features that all good office chairs must have!

Good Office Chair

The time you spend in your chair is usually inevitable – which is why it’s so important that your chair be ergonomic.

What to Look for in an Office Chair

  • Enough space for the hips and thighs

Make sure you’re choosing a chair with ample cushioning so you don’t have any pinched nerves, which can lead to impaired blood circulation, soreness, and numbness.

  • Firm, contoured backs

Good chairs will be designed to support your lower, middle, and upper back. One of the most common problems caused by office chairs is back pain. Sufficient support for the muscles of the back and spine will prevent soreness from occurring.

  • Adjustable in height

Look for chairs with adjustable backrests that allow their user to lean back and rest their neck when necessary. You should also be able to adjust the chair so your feet rest comfortable on the ground, if you’re shorter in height.

  • Adjustable armrests

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented by providing employees with office chairs that give their arms enough support. If there is repetitive stress on the arms, the nerves of the wrists can be pinched, causing debilitating pain.

  • Five-point tip base

If you recline your chair for a bit to rest your back and neck, you don’t want to have to worry about your chair toppling over! Make sure to pick a chair with a five-point tip base to prevent falling and causing yourself injury.

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