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4 Office Design Tips for a More Creative Office

People are very influenced by their surroundings and the office environment is no different. If you want to foster creativity and inspire your employees to produce their best work then it’s important that your office reflects a creative design. Here are four ideas for designing a more creative office.


Office Design Tips for a More Creative Office

      1. Make It Personal

Giving your employees the freedom to bring in personal items such as family photos, artwork, or even pets can go a long way in making them feel valued and inspired. Personal artifacts will brighten up the office and reflect the personalities of your employees, creating a sense of community that goes a long way in morale. It also makes employees more comfortable in their environment, allowing them to produce their best work.

      1. Take A Stand

Many employees find they work best standing, rather than sitting at a desk and there are numerous studies that have recently been published that prove that sitting for 8 hours a day is actually detrimental to your health. Allow your employees to get their creative juices flowing by offering an assortment of cafe-height tables. Standing can also keep workers more alert and many people say they are more creative when they are actively engaging their muscles rather than sitting passively for the entire work day.

      1. Brighten Your Life

If you want to foster a creative atmosphere then say goodbye to drab gray walls and ugly floors. Bright colors can enhance and change moods: blues are calming and can help with productivity while yellow can encourage creativity. If you can’t paint the walls then make an effort to introduce color in other ways: statement art on the walls or brightly colored area rugs can go a long way in making an office where creativity comes naturally.

      1. Lighten Up

Natural light is a mood-enhancer and it boosts creativity and energy levels. It can also help relieve eye strain, an important concern when your employees are looking at a computer all day long. Make an effort to bring in as much light as possible by ensuring that windows aren’t blocked and using only light, sheer curtains that let the sun shine in.

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