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Does Your Office Have an Indoor Air Quality Problem?

When discussing ways to improve productivity, it’s rarely mentioned that indoor air quality plays a huge role in the success and efficiency of office employees.

From devastating headaches to physical illness, poor air quality within an office lends itself to more sick days and less productivity. How can you tell if your office has poor indoor air quality?

Office Air Quality

How can you tell if your office has poor indoor air quality?

Indoor Air Quality

It may be hard to believe that the indoor air quality of a lot of office is so poor, but there are plenty of reasons why the air quality can have an adverse effect on the health of employees. There are more than a handful of reasons why the indoor air quality may be so poor: asbestos, formaldehyde, paints, adhesives, biological containments and pesticides are some of the biggest culprits of air pollution. Even cleaning materials and restroom air fresheners can threaten indoor air quality, so it’s very important to be mindful of what negative consequences can arise because of the use of certain chemicals and materials.

Ventilation Systems and Indoor Air Quality

Older offices don’t always offer the most efficient ventilation systems, and this is one of the main ways pollutants spread around an office. Ventilation systems are designed to bring a certain amount of outdoor air into a building, but inadequate systems are sometimes blocked or set up in a way that does not allow the air to reach the breathing zone of office employees. Also, buildings located above underground parking garages can have automobile exhaust filter into an office.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

While it can be difficult to improve the indoor air quality of an office, there are a few steps to take that can help to make a noticeable difference. Sometimes air vents and grills are blocked by office furniture, so make sure that these spaces are free to properly flow air into the office. High humidity can lead to mold, and then the mold particles may start to float around the office. Focus on creating temperatures in the office that don’t lead to excessive humidity or moisture.

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