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How To Choose The Perfect Desk For Your Office


Learn how to choose the perfect desk for your needs.

Whether you work in an office for 40 hours a week or you have the luxury to work at home, you need an office desk that allows you to be as productive as possible.  You need to find a desk that fits in your office well while making you still feel comfortable.  What kind of tasks will I be performing on it?  How many hours a day will I be using it and what will I store in it?  These are few of the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a desk.  Luckily, there are just a few tips to follow when choosing the perfect desk for your office.

Keep Ergonomics In Mind

It is critical that you are comfortable while working at your desk and that it isn’t negatively affecting your health.  You should sit at a prospective desk before you decide to purchase to make sure it meets ergonomic standards.  Make sure that the desk is high enough for you that you can lay your arms on it comfortably at a 90-degree angle.  Check to see if your chair can fit comfortably under your desk so you are close enough to your computer and keyboard.  

Identify Your Use For It

When choosing an office desk, it is critical that you know what kind of work you will be doing at your desk every day.  If you are working on your computer at your desk, then make sure there enough compartment and holes for all of the wired equipment.  If you work with paper and documents a large proportion of your work week, then you choose a desk with excessive surface space.  You want to have enough room on your desk surface to organize all of your papers.  If you are meeting with clients and employees at your desk, invest in an L-shaped desk.

Storage Is Key

It is always good to have a desk with several storage options so you can keep your desk as clear and organized as possible.  Look for a desk that has pullout compartments where you can store important items that you can keep out of eyesight.  

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