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Top Tips to Organize Your Workspace

Top Tips to Organize Your Workspace

If you are struggling to keep your workspace in good working order, here are some of our top tips for getting things together.

Keeping a workplace tidy can be very difficult, especially if you are extremely busy during the workday or work from more than one location over the course of the week. If you are struggling to keep your workspace in good working order, here are some of our top tips for getting things together.

Take the Time to Go Through Things

The single best high-impact thing you can do to get your workspace back on track is taking a weeknight after the office closes or a weekend to completely sort things. Without a clean slate to start from, it’s difficult to keep things maintained. A lot of effort in a little amount of time is a good way to get yourself started for success. Go through papers, anything sitting on your desk, and your filing cabinets. Throw away or recycle anything that hasn’t been used in six months (that doesn’t need to be saved). If you aren’t sure what to save, ask around in your office.

Rearrange Things

Now that you have a good starting point in your workspace, rearrange the furniture to fit the way that you actually work. If you have a standing desk, move things around so that you can comfortably get the job done. If you use your trash can or recycling frequently and have it on the other side of the office, move it to where you work. Optimizing the flow of your workspace will make every day a more productive affair.

Organize Your Desk

Finally, it’s time to place things back on your desktop. Take the time to organize and carefully store any objects you use on a daily basis. Again, a burst of effort into getting things right the first time will stop you from having to do things again. Anything that doesn’t get used on a daily basis can be stored away in a drawer.

A Better Work Space from American Design Associates

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