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Are Cubicles On their Way Out in 2017?

businessman working in cubicles

Think pieces are out there declaring the end of cubicles. Are they really on their way out?

NeoCon is one of the most important tradeshows in the world that centers on the evolution of commercial office design. At this year’s show, participants noted how difficult it was to find a cubicle in the Mart. Some took this to mean that the end of the cubicle is near, perhaps as early as next year! But are cubicles really going the way of the dinosaur?

Cubicle History

Sometimes it feels like cubicles have always been with us. However, they have only been around for the last few decades. The first design that eventually led to today’s cubicle was invented by an art professor in 1964. He called these “action offices”, which were spaces that felt private and led to greater employee productivity. The cubicle layout eventually pervaded office design and became a definable symbol of the American Dream for some.

Cubicles and the Evolution of Office Design

Cubicles have become such an ingrained idea in the field of office design that they won’t simply go away overnight. However, we are seeing that office designers have been moving away from the concept or evolving them to suit the needs of new generations. Every new trend in commercial furniture has some early adopters and the drive to eliminate cubicles is no exception. From playing with the shapes of the individual modules to making them smaller in order to accommodate other essential furnishings, cubicle design has evolved in accordance with the way office culture has evolved in general. With the growth in importance of collaboration, cubicles are taking a backseat to other office furnishings.

The Next Generation

Modern office design is incorporating more acoustic furniture, placed strategically in cubicles and workstations, in order to encourage collaboration. Some companies dedicate rooms or even entire floors to creating an ideal collaborative work environment. And we may even see the pendulum swing back to more private workspaces over time in the future. So are cubicles dead in 2017? Though office design is gearing more towards open spaces and collaboration, reports of the cubicle’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

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