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How to Warm Up Your Office this Winter

Warm up your office with a space heater or heated office chair.

Warm up your office with a space heater or heated office chair.

Chances are if you’ve ever worked in an office you’ve had to suffer that one boss who won’t turn up the heat even though it’s blistering cold outside. No one likes being an uncomfortably cold office, and studies have even shown that productivity decreases when we’re cold. A cold office can be a major distraction. Here are a few things you can do to make your office environment a little warmer without cranking up the heat.

Move to the Conference Room

If possible, crowding around in a small area like a conference room will help you and your team warm up. Especially if your office has an open office layout, moving to a confined space can make all the difference. For additional heat, add a space heater beneath the conference room desk to get blood flowing again.

Use a Heated Chair

You can buy some office chairs with built-in massage and heating mechanism. A heated chair will let you stay personally warm even though the rest of the office is a freezer box. Heated pads, blankets, and pillows are also great accessories and holiday gifts for those that don’t want to completely replace their chair.

Get Rid of Clutter

If you already have the heat running and still feel cold in your office, it may be due to a cluttered workspace. Clutter restricts airflow, making it harder for warm air to efficiently reach your space. Decluttering your office space will not only make you feel less overwhelmed and stress, but you’ll finally have access to the vents again!

Create a New Layout

While decluttering can help if you are running the heat, keep in mind that too much empty space will cause cold air to circulate. A new, smarter furniture arrangement can go a long way towards improving the warmth of your office atmosphere. Consider adding new furniture installations such as a nice warm rug to cover up cold tile floors.

Office Furniture from Glover Furniture

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