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How Furniture Affects Mood


Purple office furniture can inspire creativity.

The way we furnish our living spaces isn’t just about providing a good place to sit. Furniture plays a significant role in our everyday lives. We’ve already seen how a good office design can reduce stress, but did you know that furniture can affect your mood?

Layout Affects Movement

The way you layout your furniture determines the traffic flow in your living space. A good furniture layout feels functional, harmonious, and maximizes the space you have to work with. It’s also a good idea to determine the focal point of your furniture layout. Don’t just line up furniture against your walls. The focal point of your furniture layout will help set the tone of your room and convey the message you want your furniture to send.

Furniture Affects Motivation

Furniture has a pronounced effect on our motivation in the workplace. Good furniture ergonomics encourage productivity and creativity. Bad ergonomics can be distracting and waste time. Furniture can also shape our attitudes. The right desk, chair or table can improve cooperation and collaboration. A furniture layout that pits individuals against one another can invoke competition.

Color is Important

The colors you choose to furnish a room with are important. Red is an intense color, for example, and raises a room’s energy level. A red room can be good for stimulating conversation. Yellow rooms communicate happiness and can be uplifting. Blue and green rooms are calming and relaxing. Purple inspires creativity. Orange evokes enthusiasm. Black is commanding and authoritative. Brown furniture adds comfort and approachability.

The color of your furniture can play a greater role in your furniture than you may think. Oranges, blues, and greens can be excellent colors for use in education and learning. Red is a good choice for office meeting and conference rooms.

Nature Helps

Nature plays an essential part of setting the mood. Indoor plants and other greenery can improve your ability to stay focused and productive. Children with adequate access to sunlight have also been shown to perform better in their studies.

Lighten Up Your Mood with Glover Furniture

Glover Furniture and Design Group is a woman-owned and operated business that serves the Delmarva region with educational, institutional, and commercial furniture and design services. For information on how we can optimize your office design, give us a call at 1-800-966-9016 or contact us online. To see examples of our work and stay in touch, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.
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